Worldwide Alerts

Naked Girl Fleeing American Bombs; Living In Peace Today

Ontario – Even without the benefit of context, the image of a naked 9-year-old girl running for her life is as searing and indelible today as it was 43 years ago. That image jolted people around the world. Some say it … Read more

Kidnappings on the Rise

The number of kidnappings has been increasing, up 30 percent in Africa from 2013 to 2014 and rising in the Middle East. Although about 60 percent to 70 percent of overseas kidnapping of U.S. citizens goes unreported, according to the … Read more

Top six kidnap countries from January to June 2015

Top six kidnap countries from January to June 2015  Nigeria  India  Afghanistan  Pakistan 5. Mexico  US (North America) The above are based on kidnap for ransom incidents recorded in open source news reports and captured up to the end of … Read more

Contries with ISIS or Affiliate Activity

Islamic State “affiliates” seem to be emerging at an alarming rate, giving the sense of an expanding terror network with satellites all over the world. But a closer look, according to analysts, shows these ISIS offshoots are likely operating without … Read more

The Billion Dollar Industry behind Hostage Negotiations

It’s a covert industry where prices are secret and companies work with some of the world’s most dangerous criminals. But as deadly kidnappings around the world continue to grow, so too does the multi-billion dollar industry designed to keep people … Read more

Address by the Director General of the Security Service MI5

      Address by the Director General of the Security Service MI5, Andrew Parker, to the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) at Thames House, 8 January 2015. 1. It’s good to welcome you here to Thames House for my second public … Read more

United Stateas Issues Rare Global Travel Alert

The US has issued a rare global travel alert to its citizens about the threat of a terrorist attack, citing Sydney’s “lone-wolf attack” in which two people died after a gunman held 17 people hostage in a city café and … Read more

Kidnappings Increasing

Kidnapping appears to be increasing in Argentina amidst a crime wave that could be a side effect of the country’s growing domestic drug market and role as a drug transit nation. According to statistics from the Attorney General’s Office accessed by … Read more

Major Insurance Gaps Faced By Aid Organisations

Relentless waves of social and political unrest are the source of ongoing turmoil throughout regions in the Middle East and Africa. Although these tumultuous conditions breed risk and danger, countless aid and development organisations persevere, delivering humanitarian relief to those … Read more

Safe as Houses

AN ARTICLE BY FRAN MOLLOY IN THE INSURANCE & RISK PROFESSIONAL MAGAZINE – FEBRUARY/MARCH 2013 Surety bonds are specialist products that access insurance capital to provide an alternative ‘capital guarantee’ to contractors bidding on big projects – and since the … Read more