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Australian travellers warned on European abduction and extortion bids

Top ransom experts have warned that Australians were being abducted off the streets in countries including France and held for several hours while their bank accounts were emptied. Specialised risk broker Stening Simpson partner Peter Stening warned shoppers were the … Read more

Mosman Bomb Incident

  Interview with Madonna King, ABC Radio, Brisbane with Peter Stening, Stening Simpson Group regarding the collar bomb incident involving Madeleine Pulver. To Listen to Interview

Rinehart’s Children say no to Demand

AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW – TUESDAY, 7 FEBRUARY 2012 Gina Rinehart’s children will not buckle to her demands to keep details of a fight over the family’s $20 billion fortune private, despite her threats that she will stop paying insurance that … Read more

Ransom Insurance – What is it?

Ransom insurance may be the ultimate fail safe for rich people who become the victims of extortion. But according to one senior industry leader, it’s a policy that necessitates secrecy. That’s one word you wouldn’t use to describe the ongoing … Read more

Risky Business

RISKY BUSINESS Published: “WHO” magazine 4 July 2005 Douglas Wood’s dramatic rescue from Iraqi captors made international headlines – but most kidnappings never will. On June 15 when Melbourne expat Douglas Wood was rescued after being held hostage for 47 … Read more

Kidnap Insurance Cover for Foreign Hot Spots

HERALD SUN – SUNDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER 2011 Thousands of Australians who fear being abducted while on overseas business trips have signed for kidnap and extortion insurance. At least three unidentified Australian businessmen have been held for ransom overseas this year, … Read more

Extortion Hightlights Threat

AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW – FRIDAY, 5 AUGUST 2011 Companies are increasingly aware of the risks of kidnap and extortion for personnel travelling overseas but the incident involving a wealthy Sydney family on Wednesday has come as a shock, experts say. … Read more

David Wright appointed Managing Director – Surety Bonds, Australia

We are pleased to announce that David Wright has been appointed Managing Director, Surety Bonds, Australia. David has been with the Group in excess of 15 years and has been directly involved in Surety Bonding for more than ten years. … Read more

Top 40 terrorist incident locations

Proof of Life Movie

The Kidnap and Ransom (K & R) industry provides insurance and negotiations for the high-priced kidnap cases which occur with shocking regularity all over the world…use the links below for information about this murky industry, and come back soon for more. Read more