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Smart corporate travellers do their homework

As a corporate traveller, there is nothing you can do about the political risk of your destination, but you should be well informed about it. Websites featuring travel warnings should then be essential breakfast reading, so you at least have some warning about what may happen to you when you step outside your hotel foyer. Read more

Risky Business can’t keep my fellow Road Warriors at Home

I have to take my hat off to my fellow road warriors in the industry. Never mind what we read in the newspapers or watch on television, we are out there, kicking butt and getting the business. Yes, my friends, we have been on a war footing since September 11, 2001, and still we hit the road, my Jacks and Jills. Read more

Sundance board were flying on banned airline

The Congolese airline and plane involved in the west African air crash that killed the entire board of the Perth-based mining company Sundance Resources had been banned by Australia’s leading risk management and specialised insurance firm. Read more

Surety Bonds offer benefits

Jason Clout – The Australian Financial Review Small and medium-sized enterprises are being urged to consider surety bonds as part of their financing arrangements. The bonds provide security for a contract, without the use of a bank guarantee. Guarantees affect … Read more

Businesses Face Financial Woes with Bank Guarantee Cost Rises and Restrictions

Hundreds of Australian companies will face financial hardship during the upcoming reporting season as widespread revaluations spark a new round of bank guarantee rate hikes and lender restrictions. Leading Australian risk adviser Stening Simpson predicts hundreds of Australian companies will … Read more

Extracts from George Negus Interview

Not long before the war in Iraq erupted we ran a very relevant program on travel and terrorism, looking at the inherent dangers of travelling overseas in a pretty dodgy world climate. Our studio guest that day was Peter Stening – a risk assessor for companies wanting to pack their employees off to work in the globe’s hot spots. We discovered that Peter didn’t just assess risk, he also worked as a hostage negotiator. Read more

Press Release

Stening Simpson Group congratulates Michael Chugg of Chugg Entertainment for being voted Pollstar’s ‘International Promoter of the Year’- the international touring industry’s most coveted prize. Read more

Press Release

Stening Simpson Group, one of the largest managers of Surety Bond and Financial Guarantee programmes in Australia, said today that more businesses across Australia are freeing up much-needed capital by switching to surety bonds from bank guarantees. Read more

Press Release

Stening Simpson Group has tailored an exclusive Surety Bond Facility for the purpose of clients of Selling Agents being able to have funds released from pre ticket sales, held by Selling Agents i.e., Ticketek, Ticketmaster. The facility is available to major companies who utilise the services of selling agents. Read more

Websites can be invaluable

“Websites can be invaluable for your business trip,” writes Robin Robertson. Don’t leave home without it: your online toolkit with its useful websites will be your window to the world. From the comfort of your hotel room, these websites will keep you informed possibly more informed than the locals. Read more