As of 10 November 2023, an offensive launched by rebel groups against the military junta has resulted in the displacement of at least 50,000 people in the northern state of Shan — located along Myanmar’s borders with China, Laos and Thailand. A military spokesperson recently announced that anti-junta forces have seized control of the Chinshwehaw town in Shan. Rebels affiliated with the newly formed Three Brotherhood Alliance — composed of the Arakan Army, the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance and the Ta’Ang National Liberation Army — captured Chinshwehaw. The Three Brotherhood Alliance initially launched “Operation 1027” in late October, seizing control of military outposts, small towns and highways in Shan. The control of Chinshwehaw is a significant victory for rebel forces due to its strategic location along a key trade route between Myanmar and China. Chinese authorities have warned their citizens to avoid travel in northern Myanmar. Elsewhere in the country, pro-democracy groups have launched assaults on the military in the central and southern areas, including in the Sagaing region — where an armed group claimed to have seized two townships from the military.