Andorra / Austria / Belgium / Benin / Burundi / Cabo Verde / Cameroon / Central African Republic / Chile / Colombia / Costa Rica / Côte d’Ivoire / Cyprus / France / French Guiana / Gabon / Germany / Greece / Guinea / Haiti / Italy / Lebanon / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Madagascar / Malta / Mauritius / Monaco / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Rwanda / Senegal / Seychelles / Slovenia / Spain / Togo: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Observed as a holiday in various, primarily Catholic-majority, countries; may be celebrated regionally in some locations)

Argentina: San Martin Day

Bangladesh: National Mourning Day

Canada: Discovery Day (Yukon)

Equatorial Guinea: Constitution Day

India: Independence Day. Increased security measures will be in place. Travelers and expatriates may encounter restricted freedom of movement in central areas of New Delhi.

Liechtenstein: National Day (Public holiday; government and business offices closed.)

North Korea: Liberation Day (Public holiday)

Panama: Anniversary of the Founding of Panama City

Paraguay: Founding of Asuncion

Republic of Congo: Independence Day

South Korea: Liberation Day (Public holiday)