On 10 January 2024, al-Shabab militants captured the crew and passengers of a U.N.-contracted helicopter that made an emergency landing in the central Galguduud region, located approximately 70 km (45 mi) southeast of the city of Dhusamareb. Reports indicate that the al-Qaeda-linked militant group torched the Bell 412 helicopter that was transporting nine individuals, including four European nationals. One crew member was allegedly killed and two passengers who remain missing are suspected to have fled. Al-Shabab militants abducted the remaining six individuals. Conflicting reports have emerged regarding the cause of the emergency landing; a local government official attributed the landing to unspecified technical issues with the helicopter, whereas an internal U.N. memo cited by a media outlet suggests that an unidentified object struck the helicopter’s main rotor blade shortly before the landing. The helicopter was en route to the town of Wisil from Beledwenye, a city located in Hirshabelle state, for a medical evacuation.