On 13 December 2019, anti-government protests continued in cities across Algeria following violent election day confrontations that took place on the previous day. Demonstrations occurred in the capital Algiers, where protesters marched along Hassiba Street to protest the presidential election and its results. A similar demonstration occurred in Tizi Ouzou, located approximately 105 km (65 mi) east of Algiers. While a significant number of security personnel were deployed to both aforementioned cities, there were no reports of violence.

Significant protests and related violence marred the 12 December poll. In Algiers, police officers used tear gas and batons to disperse peaceful demonstrators near the main post office in the downtown area, which has been a main gathering place for anti-government protests. Meanwhile, demonstrators in the town of Bouira, located approximately 110 km southeast of Algiers, attacked and set fire to the provincial electoral commission headquarters. A total of 50 protesters and 22 police officers were injured in Bouira. Additionally, at least six people are currently receiving medical treatment at a hospital in the town of Bejaia, located approximately 250 km east of Algiers, for injuries sustained during protest-related violence on 12 December.

Despite the election-related protests, on 13 December election officials declared former Prime Minister Abdelmajid Tebboune as the winner and president-elect in the election that occurred on the previous day. Tebboune secured approximately 58% of the vote in the election; voter turnout was 41%.