On the afternoon of 4 March 2024, heavily armed gang members attempted to storm Port-au-Prince’s Toussaint Louverture International Airport (MTPP/PAP), triggering a gunbattle with security personnel stationed at the facility. According to police officials, the gunmen momentarily gained access to the facility through a hole in the airport’s perimeter fence; however, police officers supported by an armored vehicle deployed on the tarmac repelled the assault. Prior to the attack, gang members burned a police checkpoint outside of the airport. Haitian military personnel have since been deployed to secure the airport’s perimeter, in addition to army soldiers already on sentry inside the facility. All flights to and from Port-au-Prince airport remain suspended. There were no immediate reports of casualties connected to the gunbattle. Elsewhere, protesters gathered outside Cap-Haïtien International Airport (MTCH/CAP) in northern Haiti to demand that airport officials refuse to allow Prime Minister Ariel Henry to return to the country from his travel abroad. There were no reports of violence in Cap-Haïtien. Flights to Cap-Haïtien from the U.S. also remain suspended.

Analyst Comment: The coalition of gangs will likely seek to continuously disrupt operations at Port-au-Prince airport by perpetrating intermittent attacks in order to prevent Prime Minister Henry, whose exact whereabouts are currently unknown, from reentering the country. Moreover, police stations, government buildings, and communications infrastructure will likewise continue to be targets for such attacks.