At approximately 1440 local time (0240 UTC) on 3 September 2021, an assailant armed with a knife stabbed and wounded six patrons at a supermarket in the western Auckland suburb of New Lynn. The man reportedly grabbed a large knife from a display cabinet in the store and began randomly attacking shoppers. Police officers at the scene immediately shot and killed the attacker. The victims were transported to hospitals in Auckland; three of those wounded remain in critical condition. The assailant had been under 24-hour police surveillance since 2016 on suspicion of being a supporter of the Islamic State (IS) group, and police officers had followed him to the LynnMall Countdown supermarket from his residence in the suburb of Glen Eden. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stated that the terrorist attack was perpetrated by a Sri Lankan national who was sympathetic to IS. Authorities believe the assailant acted alone and had no accomplices.