On 26 June 2020, an assailant stabbed and wounded at least six people on West George Street in central Glasgow, Scotland. Local reports indicate that the stabbing occurred in a stairwell of the Park Inn Hotel. Police officers shot and killed a male suspect. At least one police officer was critically injured and is receiving treatment at a hospital. Authorities have stated that they are not pursuing any other suspects in relation to the stabbing and there is no further threat to the public at this time.

There is currently a heavy presence of police officers and emergency personnel near the hotel on West George Street, which has been shut down for use by pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Police officers are likely to remain at the scene at least through the evening hours. While no information has emerged regarding a potential motive of the perpetrator, such recent stabbings that occurred elsewhere in the U.K. were perpetrated by individuals inspired by militant Islamist groups.