At approximately 0720 local time (0120 UTC) on 27 December 2019, Bek Air Flight 2100 — with 98 people, including five crew members, on board — crashed into a two-story building in Almaty’s Almerek area shortly after departing the adjacent Almaty International Airport (UAAA/ALA). The Fokker 100 aircraft — registration UP-F1007 — lost altitude immediately after takeoff, hit a concrete barrier and crashed into the building. Video footage showed that the front part of the wrecked fuselage was in the building, whereas the aircraft’s rear end was on a field next to the airport premises. At least 12 people were killed in the crash and 66 others aboard the aircraft were injured. At least 49 people are receiving medical treatment for injuries; 18 of those injured are in critical condition. At least four foreign nationals — including a Chinese, a Kyrgyz and two Ukrainians — were on the passenger list, but their conditions were unknown. The crash did not disrupt flight operations at the airport. The aircraft was en route to the capital Nur-Sultan at the time of the crash. Kazakh civil aviation officials suspended flight authorization for Bek Air, forcing the airline to cancel all its scheduled flights; in addition, all Fokker-100 aircraft in the country are grounded until further notice. Authorities have launched a probe and are investigating the possibility of crew error or technical failure as being the cause of the crash.