On 20 December authorities in Queensland and Victoria states instituted “hard borders” with New South Wales amid a COVID-19 outbreak in the greater Sydney area. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews declared that travelers arriving from the greater Sydney and Central Coast areas must undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine at a hotel upon arrival. Victoria residents returning to new South Wales after 0000 local time on 21 December (1300 UTC on 20 December) are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine at a hotel. Arrivals before this time may quarantine at home. All travelers arriving in Victoria from New South Wales will be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival and then again on days five and 12 of their quarantine. Individuals who have been on the northern beaches will be denied entry to Victoria under any circumstances. Further information regarding entry to Victoria state from New South Wales is available here.

As of 0100 local time on 20 December (1500 UTC on 19 December), in accordance with guidance from Queensland authorities, any individual who has been in New South Wales at any time since 0100 local time on 11 December will be required to apply for a pass prior to entering Queensland. Individuals entering from declared hot spots will be denied entry to Queensland except under limited circumstances. Further information on Queensland border restrictions may be found here. Meanwhile, Western Australia instituted similar restrictions on 19 December that require all inbound travelers from New South Wales to self-isolate upon entry. Travel to New South Wales is also prohibited unless travelers meet exemption criteria, which includes certain senior government officials, active duty military personnel and truck drivers.