On the afternoon of 6 June 2020, clashes broke out between protesters and riot police near the Alexanderplatz in central Berlin and the Gänsemarkt in northern Hamburg. Protesters threw stones, bottles and other projectiles at police officers, who used pepper spray and water cannons against protesters. In Berlin, at least 28 emergency personnel reportedly suffered injuries and 93 protesters were arrested; there were no reports of injuries or arrests during the clashes in Hamburg. Approximately 15,000 people gathered to protest in Berlin; 20,000 in Munich; 14,000 in Hamburg; and 10,000 in Stuttgart. Large numbers of protesters also gathered in Düsseldorf, Freiburg, Cologne, Hanover, Frankfurt and elsewhere in Germany in solidarity with ongoing protests against racism and police violence in U.S. cities. German officials approved the demonstrations but recommended attendees adhere to social distancing measures.