On 4 December 2020, the U.S. Embassy in Paris issued a Demonstration Alert regarding protests planned for 5 December in major cities, which reads in part as follows:


  • Paris: Porte of Lilas proceeding to Place de la Republique
  • Strasbourg: Place de la République
  • Rennes: Esplanade Charles de Gaulle
  • Lyon: Place Marechal Lyautey
  • Bordeaux: Place de la Victoire
  • Marseille: Vieux port

“Event: Demonstrations expected to take place on Saturday, December 5 beginning at 11:00 (Rennes), 2:00 (Paris, Strasbourg), 2:30 (Marseille), and 3:00 (Lyon, Bordeaux). The groups intend to protest the new security law. Additional demonstrations in other cities in France may also be planned.

“Similar demonstrations in Paris turned violent last weekend. In case of violence or property damage, French authorities may use chemical agents and water cannons to disperse crowds.”

The full text of the alert is available here.