On 3 January 2023, the U.S. Embassy in Lima issued a Demonstration Alert regarding an indefinite rail strike set to take place in multiple cities in southern Peru, which reads in part as follows: “Multiple regions in southern Peru announced an indefinite strike beginning tomorrow, January 4. Due to expected demonstrations in Cusco and other cities, multiple rail companies also announced an indefinite suspension of services, effective January 4. Beginning January 4, train service between Cusco and Aguas Calientes will be suspended indefinitely. … Those who remain may be unable to depart for an indefinite period of time. On January 4, train service between Cusco and Puno and the following routes will also be suspended:

  • Cusco – Urubamba – Ollantaytambo – Machu Picchu – Hidroelectrica
  • Urubamba – Pachar
  • Cusco – Juliaca – Puno
  • Juliaca – Imata – Pillones – Arequipa

“Demonstrations may impact movement on major roads and highways throughout the country, but particularly in the cities and regions of Cusco, Puno, and Arequipa. During demonstrations in December, flights and road transportation were also unavailable from these cities for several days. U.S. citizens in these areas should be sure they have sufficient required medications and access to food and water to allow them to shelter in place for up to several days if necessary. Monitor news sources to stay informed of any changes.”