As of 25 October 2023, demonstrators protesting the government’s renewal of a mining contract with Canadian-owned mining company First Quantum Minerals continued to maintain roadblocks on the Pan-American highway and roadways in Chiriquí province for the third  day . Additionally, there were reports of criminals at roadblocks in Panama City robbing individuals near the blockades.

On 24 October 2023, clashes between protesters and police officers continued in several cities across Panama as popular opposition grew against the contract renewal. Police officers used tear gas in multiple confrontations with demonstrators as the unrest escalated during the day, with demonstrators setting fire to a bus station near the University of Panama in Panama City. Security personnel arrested 50 protesters in the cities of Colón, Garzas de Pacora and the capital Panama City. At least five police officers were injured in the clashes with demonstrators.

Additional demonstrations are planned to occur on 25 October in multiple cities — including in Catíva, Colón, Río Alejandro and Santa Rita Arriba. Additionally, a doctor’s union is set to begin a 72-hour strike on 25 October to protest the mining contract; the medical union’s leaders have asked the public to avoid seeking care in non-emergency situations.