On 3 May 2021, anti-government demonstrations are continuing for a sixth consecutive day in the cities of Bogotá, Cali, Bucaramanga and Palmira, despite President Iván Duque withdrawing on 2 May the proposed tax reform legislation that initially prompted the protests. In the capital Bogotá, demonstrators have blocked the intersections of Avenida Caracas and Calle 51 Sur, and Avenida Boyacá and Calle 71 Sur, along with sections of Avenida Villavicencio and Avenida Suba, while a group of cargo transportation and taxi drivers conducted a “go-slow” protest in their vehicles on Avenida Ciudad de Cali, causing transportation disruptions in the area. Due to the demonstrations, authorities have closed the Usme Portal, Suba Portal, Transversal 91 and Campiña public metro stations. According to the Office of the Attorney General of Colombia, seven people have been killed, 399 police officers have been injured and 278 people have been arrested for vandalism amid the demonstrations. Additionally, 167 buses have been vandalized along with 87 metro stations.

At approximately 2245 local time on 2 May, in the Calima section of the city of Cali — located approximately 460 km (285 mi) southwest of Bogotá — police officers deployed stun grenades and tear gas against demonstrators. At approximately 2235 local time in the Kennedy Section of Bogotá, police officers deployed tear gas and stun grenades to disperse protesters after the demonstrators blocked bridges and roads throughout the day; social media reports from the city of Palmira — located approximately 485 km west of Bogotá — indicate that security personnel deployed live ammunition against protesters at the same time. Protests in the city of Bucaramanga — located approximately 400 km north of Bogota — went on throughout the day on 2 May and continued into the evening. Protesters blocked roads and bridges, and set fire to the headquarters of Davivienda bank.