Nationwide demonstrations over income inequality, police brutality and youth unemployment are expected to continue for a 23rd consecutive day on 20 May 2021. The National Strike Committee continues to call for protests despite scheduling another round of negotiations with the government in Bogotá on 20 May.

On 19 May protesters clashed with police officers in Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Caucasia and Medellín. In the capital Bogotá, police officers deployed tear gas and water cannons to disperse approximately 1,000 protesters who had gathered at the Portal Américas metro station, after some of the protesters began throwing rocks and other projectiles at officers. In the south of the city, at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, approximately 1,000 people blocked Avenida la Esperanza and Avenida Cali. According to the mayor’s office, approximately 8,000 people participated in the Bogotá demonstrations, which remained peaceful until the evening hours.

In the northern city of Bucaramanga, police officers deployed tear gas and stun grenades during clashes with protesters at the Industrial University of Santander, injuring at least 20 people. Security forces also reportedly deployed tear gas into crowds of protesters at the intersection of Carrera 33 and Calle 34 in northeast Bucaramanga. In the town of Caucasia, protesters attacked police officers with stones, Molotov cocktails and other projectiles when the officers attempted to remove a roadblock, injuring six officers. In Medellín, police officers deployed tear gas and flash bangs to disperse a group of approximately 300 demonstrators gathered near the University of Antioquia after the demonstrators attempted to block Avenida Regional. At least 35 people were injured in the clashes.