On 25 May 2021, nationwide demonstrations over income inequality, police brutality and youth unemployment are expected to continue for a 28th consecutive day. The National Strike Committee announced that it is organizing new nationwide demonstrations to be held on 26 and 28 May. The Colombian government and the National Strike Committee reached a preliminary agreement for negotiations on 24 May, the specifics of which must be reviewed and approved by government officials and the National Strike Committee’s assembly. Approval of the preliminary agreement, for which authorities did not provide further information, will permit negotiations on the demands of protest leaders.

On 24 May riot police officers deployed tear gas to disperse protesters who had blocked the South Highway in the city of Soacha, located approximately 25 km (15 mi) southeast of the capital Bogotá. However, cargo and passenger transportation drivers reached an agreement with the mayor of Soacha to lift roadblocks and end demonstrations in the city. In Barranquilla, police officers dispersed motorcycle taxi drivers who were blocking the entrance into the La Paz neighborhood. In Armenia, the capital of Quindio department, police officers dispersed protesters at the University of Quindío with tear gas.