On 4 August 2021, a wildfire on the Greek island of Evia — located just north of the capital Athens — endangered about a dozen villages, prompting authorities to evacuate the island. The Greek coast guard deployed five boats to evacuate nearly 90 residents and tourists who had gathered on a beach near the northern village of Rovies. The blaze destroyed at least 150 homes in the village of Matoundi. Authorities have deployed seven helicopters and water-dropping aircraft to support about 100 firefighters balling the blaze. At least three firefighters suffered minor burns. According to the deputy minister for civil protection, a total of 118 fires broke out across Greece over the previous 24 hours, as temperatures reached 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit). The General Secretariat for Civil Protection has warned of a “very high” risk of fires on 5 August in multiple regions across the country; the secretariat’s Daily Fire Risk Map can be accessed here.