On the afternoon of 5 October 2022, suspected members of the Los Tequileros gang targeted residents and the city hall of the town of San Miguel Totolapan — located in Guerrero state, approximately 195 km (120 mi) southwest of the capital Mexico City. The attackers initially fired gunshots and threw projectiles at civilians on several streets and in various residences before they opened fire on city hall. The attack continued for at least an hour before security personnel arrived on the scene and repelled the assailants. The gunfire killed at least 18 people, including the town’s mayor and his father, a former mayor himself, and wounded three others. Earlier in the day, video footage was posted on social media platforms in which alleged members of Los Tequileros declared their return to the region. The Los Tequileros gang is affiliated with the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación, which is engaged in a turf war against the La Familia Michoacána cartel in Guerrero’s Tierra Caliente region.