On the evening of 27 December 2021, a gunman carried out multiple shootings in Colorado’s Denver metropolitan area. The gunman initially opened fire in central Denver shortly after 1700 local time (0000 UTC on 28 December), killing two people and wounding one more. Another person was shot and killed at a nearby location; a shooting also occurred in a third location in the area, but no one was injured. Police officers responding to the shootings spotted the suspected gunman’s vehicle, and a gunfire exchange ensued. The suspect’s gunfire disabled the police vehicle and he fled to the neighboring Lakewood suburb, where one person was killed at a business establishment. Police officers again engaged the suspect in Lakewood’s Belmar shopping area, after which the suspect entered a hotel — where a staff member was shot and wounded. The suspect then fled the hotel on foot and exchanged fire with police officers, during which one officer was shot and wounded. The suspect was also killed in the episode, which lasted for more than one hour. Authorities have launched a probe to establish a motive for the shootings.