Overnight on 30 November-1 December 2023, heavy gunfire was reported in the capital Bissau as two factions of the country’s military clashed with each other. Members of the special forces and National Guard soldiers engaged in the fighting as the latter freed the finance minister and secretary of state for the treasury from a police station; both were detained during the night of 30 December on suspicion of misusing state funds. Gunfire reportedly began in an area located about 2 km (1 mi) away from the presidential palace and later spread to the Antula neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. At least two combatants were killed in the violence. Members of the National Guard later retreated to barracks located south of the capital city. The head of the national guard has been arrested, and the army claimed that order has been restored. The overall situation remains unclear. Travelers in Bissau should expect to encounter heightened security measures in the aftermath of the incident