At approximately 0500 local time/UTC on 22 July 2022, Islamist militants launched an attack on a military barracks in the town of Kati, located approximately 15 km (10 mi) northwest of the capital Bamako. Two vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices detonated at the entrance of the barracks, after which heavy gunfire was reported in the area. The military claims that soldiers repelled a terrorist attack on the barracks, killing seven assailants and arresting eight others. One soldier was killed in the attack and six people were wounded. The military blames Katiba Macina, a local jihadi group affiliated with al-Qaeda, for the attack. The latest assault on the country’s main military base follows multiple attacks the previous day against Malian Armed Forces in Douentza, Koro, Thy, Bapho, Ségou and Kolokani.