On 13 October 2023, French authorities raised the national security threat level to “attack emergency” — the highest level of alert — following a stabbing at a secondary school in the city of Arras, located approximately 160 km (100 mi) north of the capital Paris. The increase in threat level allows French authorities to institute vigilant response and protection against terrorist attacks. Approximately 7,000 military personnel have been mobilized nationwide to enhance security measures. The knife attack took place at approximately 1100 local time (0900 UTC), during which the attacker — a former student of the school — stabbed two teachers and a security guard, killing a teacher and wounding the two others. Police officers responding to the stabbing arrested the attacker and one of his siblings shortly after the event. Authorities stated that the assailant was on a state watchlist for individuals known to be a potential security risk and was being monitored by intelligence services. The French interior ministry declared that the attack was linked to the ongoing armed conflict between Israel and the Gaza-based Hamas militant group.