On 23 January 2024, President Daniel Noboa issued an executive decree, making adjustments to existing countrywide nightly curfew. According to the decree, which comes into effect on 24 January, curfew hours in Ecuador’s 221 cantons will be determined by criminal activity indices ranging from high, medium, and low. In the 31 cantos categorized as high — which include Guayaquil, Esmeraldas and Manta — a nightly curfew will be enforced from 0000-0500 local time (0500-1000 UTC). In the 23 medium designated cantons — which include Atames and Cuenca — the curfew will be in effect from 0200-0500 local time, while the remaining cantons with low crime rate status — which include Quito and the Galapagos Islands — the curfew has been rescinded.