On 2 August 2020, Premier Daniel Andrews of the Australian state of Victoria instituted a nightly curfew for the Melbourne metropolitan area from 2000-0500 local time (1000-1900 UTC); the order is in effect until at least 13 September. During the curfew hours, residents may only leave their homes to seek medical care, for work or emergency reasons. A daytime stay-at-home order is also in effect for the rest of Victoria, including Melbourne. Under the order, individuals may only leave their homes to purchase necessary food or supplies, to exercise, seek medical care or accompany someone seeking medical care, or to go to work. Only one person per household is allowed to go shopping, and it must be within 5 km (3.1 mi) of their home. Daily exercise is permitted; however, no more than two individuals may gather together, and it must take place no more than 5 km from the home. Most nonessential businesses are closed. Schools and child care centers are also closed. Face coverings are now mandatory in Melbourne and across the state.