As of 4 June 2020, a nightly curfew during 2000-0500 local time (0000-0900 UTC) remains in effect in New York City through 8 June following violent protests in response to the 25 May death of an African American man while in police custody in the northern U.S. city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. While protests in New York City on the night of 3 June remained largely peaceful — aside from minor confrontations between police officers and protesters in Brooklyn — an armed assailant attacked three police officers in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood. The assailant stabbed a police officer, then stole a handgun from one of the officers and shot two other policemen at the scene. Other officers responding to the sounds of gunfire shot and wounded the assailant, who remains in critical condition; the three officers are undergoing treatment for non-life-threatening wounds

In Minneapolis, a commemorative event to honor the deceased is scheduled to occur at a sanctuary on the campus of North Central University at 1300 local time (1800 UTC). Hundreds of people are expected to participate in the event. A nighttime curfew during 2200-0400 local time remains in effect for the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan region on 4-5 June.