On the evening on 15 December 2019, riot police officers deployed tear gas and water cannons to disperse demonstrators near the Lebanese Parliament in downtown Beirut. Protesters responded by throwing stones and fireworks at riot police officers stationed behind metal barricades. At least 46 people were injured in the incident, with 14 people transported to hospitals. Security forces arrested at least one person for throwing fireworks at security forces.

Additionally, on 14 December security forces deployed tear gas and fired rubber bullets to disperse demonstrators gathered near Al-Najmah Square, located close to the House of Representatives complex, after protesters attempted to remove perimeter barricades. At least 90 people were injured in the clashes which  began earlier in the day, when riot police officers fired tear gas to disperse supporters of the Shiite groups Hizballah and Amal Movement near Martyr Square and the Ring Bridge. Supporters of the Shiite groups had gathered at the site in an attempt to disperse anti-government protesters with stones and other projectiles. Following the violence in Beirut over the weekend of 14-15 December, officials have postponed parliamentary consultations regarding the formation of a new government until 19 December.