On 12 June 2024, police officers clashed with demonstrators in multiple areas of the capital Buenos Aires as crowds gathered to protest a pending Omnibus bill that includes labor and fiscal policy reforms. Security personnel deployed tear gas and water cannons against thousands of demonstrators gathered in Plaza del Congreso, located approximately 2 km (1 mi) east of central Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, other demonstrator groups gathered at the interactions of Rivadavia Avenue with Callao Avenue and Entre Rios Street, causing road closures. After several smaller-scale clashes between police officers and demonstrators in Plaza del Congreso, demonstrators reportedly threw Molotov cocktails at police officers and burned two police vehicles. At least five people were injured in the violence, including two congressional representatives from the Union por la Patria party, while 27 others were arrested. The Omnibus Law reform package was approved by the Senate early on 13 June and will be debated in the Chamber of Deputies prior to a final vote which date is yet to be determined.