On 25 June 2021, a Colombian air force helicopter transporting President Iván Duque was struck by gunfire on its approach to Cúcuta’s Camilo Daza International Airport (SKCC/CUC), located in the northeastern Norte de Santander department, near Colombia’s border with Venezuela. Images showed multiple bullet holes in the rotor and tail of the helicopter. However, the aircraft landed safely at the airport and no individuals on board were injured. President Duque — along with senior Cabinet officials, including the ministers of defense and interior — and the governor of Norte de Santander were traveling from Sardinata to Cúcuta at the time of the attack. Police officials later stated that they discovered an AK-47 and a 7.62 caliber rifle, which were used to conduct the attack, in a neighborhood in Cúcuta. The motive for the attack remains unknown; however, multiple insurgent groups and drug cartels have been known to operate in the border region between Cúcuta, Colombia, and San Cristobal, Venezuela.