On 16 June 2021, protests against police brutality occurred in multiple areas of the capital Tunis. In the impoverished northwestern neighborhoods of Ettadhamen and Intilaka, protesters burned tires, blocked roads and clashed with police officers during the nighttime hours. Protesters threw stones and other projectiles at police officers, who used tear gas and anti-riot tactics in an effort to dispel the demonstrators. There were no reports of significant injuries or deaths. Protests originated in the Sidi Hassine suburb following the 8 June death of a local man in police custody shortly after his arrest on suspicion of dealing drugs. In addition, a video clip showing police officers assaulting and stripping the clothes off another man circulated on social media platforms, further angering the protesters. A total of 43 organizations, including trade unions and human rights groups, have called for large-scale countrywide demonstrations on 18 June to demand an end to alleged police impunity in Tunisia.