Protests that broke out in the capital city Tirana on 9 December 2020 in response toa police officer shooting and killing a man for violating the city’s coronavirus-related nightly curfew are expected to continue in the city later on the evening of 11 December. Hundreds of people staged demonstrations for a second consecutive night in Tirana on 10 December, during which demonstrators threw objects at multiple government buildings in the city center area and set fire to trash cans, traffic lights, traffic signs and street light poles. Police officers used tear gas and water cannons to disperse demonstrators and made dozens of arrests. At least two demonstrators and five police officers were injured during the clashes. Earlier on 11 December, a court ruled that authorities should detain the police officer who shot and killed the man. Albania’s interior minister resigned on 10 December following the killing and subsequent protests.

Individuals currently visiting or residing in Tirana should avoid the vicinity of government buildings, particularly areas near the Ministry of Interior, where most of the violence has occurred over the past two days. The likelihood of clashes breaking out between protesters and police officers during the scheduled gatherings later on 11 December remains high.