On 10 January 2024, the Yemen-based Houthi rebel group fired a barrage of missiles and drones at vessels in the Red Sea. The barrage, which emanated from the Yemeni port cities of Hodeida and Mokha, included at least 21 projectiles that were downed by military aircraft from a U.S. Navy destroyer. The Houthi spokesperson later claimed that the attack was targeting an American ship they accused of providing support to Israel; however, the exact target of the attack is unclear. Despite claims otherwise, Houthi attacks have not been confined to vessels associated with Israel. No injuries or damage occurred to vessels as a result of the barrage. Later in the day, the U.N. Security Council voted to demand an immediate halt to the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea.

The barrage marked the 26th such attack against vessels in the Red Sea since the Houthi campaign began on 19 November. The attacks continue despite an international maritime coalition of at least 20 countries attempting to protect vessels transiting the Red Sea toward the Suez Canal. In addition, the U.S. military is reported to be considering possible retaliatory responses against the Houthis if the attacks continue.