As of 23 December 2020, authorities in more than 40 countries are maintaining restrictions on passenger flights and/or travelers from the U.K. in an effort to stop the spread of a new strain of coronavirus discovered in the U.K. Some of the EU member states have, however, amended restrictions to allow select travel from the U.K. following the European Commission’s recommendation on 22 December, which advised EU member states to allow essential travel and transit through the U.K. and to halt flight and train suspensions. Most notably, as of 0000 local time on 23 December (2300 UTC on 22 December), French authorities began allowing entry to French nationals and nationals of the EU or the European Economic Area from the U.K. Additionally, U.K. nationals, residents of the EU or European Economic Area seeking travel to France for essential reasons, including cargo transport, are allowed entry. All inbound travelers who are more than 11 years of age are required to possess proof of negative results on a COVID-19 test that is no more than 72 hours old. The entry restrictions are currently set to remain in effect at least until 6 January 2021. Further information, including categories of travel that may qualify as essential, is available here. The French government had instituted a ban on all travel from the U.K. at 0000 local time on 21 December.