On 8 May 2020, Prime Minister Scott Morrison unveiled a three-phase plan to ease coronavirus-related restrictions amid the decreasing number of daily reported cases. While restrictions will ease nationwide, states and territories have the authority to individually determine when to enact each stage of the plan. Officials noted that each phase should last approximately four weeks, but may vary depending on the extent of the COVID-19 outbreak within each state or territory.

During the first phase, restaurants, cafes and other businesses will gradually be allowed to increase the number of customers allowed inside their establishments. In the second phase, recreational and entertainment facilities — such as gyms, cinemas and galleries — will be allowed to reopen while serving a limited number of patrons. Finally, during the last stage, most offices and businesses will reopen while officials will increase the number of participants allowed at public gatherings to 100. In addition, interstate travel and limited international flights between Australia and New Zealand will also resume. Further details of the plan can be found here.