On 11 October 2023, Guatemala’s Constitutional Court mandated that security personnel clear all road blockades in Guatemala. The court ruled that the roadblocks must be removed to allow for the freedom of movement for all residents, and that the use of force, including military force, is permissible as a last resort. As of the morning of 12 October, there are at least 97 roadblocks in place across the country as demonstrators demand the resignation of several officials accused of interfering with the transition of power to President-Elect Bernardo Arévalo. There are at least five blockades are in place in the capital Guatemala City and are located in Colonia 4 de Febrero, on El Incienso bridge, and near the following three intersections: Anillo Periferico and 11 street, Petapa avenue and 32 street, and Raul Aguilar Batres road and 29 street.
In a related development, current President Alejandro Giammattei stated on national television that authorities will issue arrest warrants for members of nongovernment organizations accused of receiving foreign funding to maintain blockades in western Guatemala.