Russian Convoy Advancing Towards The Capital

Mar 2, 2022

On 1 March 2022, a Russian military convoy that comprises hundreds of armored vehicles, tanks and artillery is gradually advancing toward the capital Kyiv from the northwestern outskirts. Reports indicate that the convoy stretches for nearly 65 km (40 mi) from the village of Prybirsk to Hostomel’s Antonov Airport (UKKM/GML). The massive convoy heading toward Kyiv has raised fears of an imminent renewed assault by Russian forces to seize the city after failing to make any significant progress in recent days. Additionally, the Russian Ministry of Defense has threatened to conduct airstrikes on government facilities in Kyiv, including a site belonging to the Security Service of Ukraine; Ukraine’s defense minister stated that Russia is seeking to disrupt telecommunications services.

Meanwhile, Russian missile and rocket strikes continue in the northeastern city of Kharkiv. Earlier in the morning on 1 March, Russian missiles struck Kharkiv’s Freedom Square and several residential districts. Images and video footage show that a missile hit the city’s administrative building. At least 10 people were reportedly killed and 20 others were wounded in the blast. Shelling of power stations has left most areas of the city without electricity. The mayor of Kharkiv stated that Russian forces have surrounded the city but it remains under Ukrainian control. Intense fighting for control of Kharkiv has been underway since Russian troops briefly entered the city on 27 February before being repelled by Ukrainian forces.

In related developments, Belarusian military personnel reportedly entered the Chernihiv region, located north of Kyiv, during the late morning hours of 1 March. The Ukrainian parliament issued a statement confirming the presence of the Belarusian military in Chernihiv. Local reports indicate that at least 33 Belarusian military units have entered the region, although Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko denies that the country’s military is taking part in the invasion of Ukraine.

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