On 20 August 2020, the U.S. Consulate General in Lahore issued a Security Alert regarding Muharram celebrations, which reads in part as follows:

“Event: Muharram and Ashura.

“The Islamic religious month of Muharram begins on August 21. There will reportedly be approximately 300 religious processions in Lahore during the month of Muharram. August 29 and 30 are expected to be the peak days for processions in Lahore. During this period, U.S. citizens traveling or residing in Lahore can expect frequent traffic disruptions and road closures to accommodate religious processions. Increased police presence, additional check points, and partial suspension of cellular service in and around procession routes are expected.

“U.S. citizens are encouraged to avoid unnecessary travel and avoid large crowds in the vicinity of the Civil Secretariat, Anar Kali, Old Anar Kali, Shadman, Islampura, Shahdara, Badshahi Mosque, Mughalpura, Lal Pull, Bahar Shah Rd., Sanda, Chburchi and the Walled City (Motchi gate, Kashmiri bazar, Kotwali, Rang Mahal, Urdu bazar, Data Darbar and the Lower Mall area) during the August 29-30 time period.

“There have been incidents of sectarian violence in proximity to these processions in the past.”