Security Alert

Oct 17, 2020

On 15 October 2020, the U.S. Embassy in La Paz issued a Security Alert regarding election-related restrictions, which reads in part as follows:

“The Plurinational Electoral Body issued the following nine nationwide restrictions that will be in effect on the days before and during the general elections schedule on October 18.

  1. Any form of public demonstration in support of or against any of the candidates is prohibited from 00:00h on Thursday, October 15 until 18:00h on October 18.
  2. It is forbidden to sell or consume alcoholic beverages in public or private spaces from 48 hours before general elections until 12:00h on the day after the elections.
  3. It is prohibited to carry firearms or dangerous instruments from 00:00h on October 18 until the day after the elections.
  4. Stores, restaurants, food courts, supermarkets, and markets are prohibited from opening on election day.
  5. It is also forbidden to carry out acts, meetings, or public shows of any kind.
  6. It is forbidden to move voters from one precinct to another using any means of transportation.
  7. It is forbidden to drive public and private vehicles from 00:00h on October 18 until the day after elections. Only those authorized by the TSE may circulate. Drivers who do not comply with the vehicle restrictions will be detained until 00:00h on October 19. The vehicle will be returned once the fine is paid.
  8. Cable car service is suspended, as well as land, lake, rail, and air transportation services throughout the country from 00:00h on October 18 until the day after elections.
  9. Domestic flights, inter-departmental and inter-provincial travel is prohibited from 00:00h on October 18 until the day after elections, with the exclusion of TSE officials to travel based on their work.

“International flights originating in, arriving in, or going out of Bolivia are exempt from the ban.”

The full text of the alert can be viewed here.

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