On 10 April 2022, Israeli security forces conducted a second consecutive day of raids in several West Bank cities, including Jenin, Jericho and Tulkarem. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, at least two Palestinian women were killed, and 11 other Palestinians suffered injuries from live gunfire, shrapnel and tear gas inhalation. Israeli security personnel arrested at least 21 Palestinians. Tensions between Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank and Israel have risen amid several terrorist attacks carried out in Israel in the run-up to and during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan this year, which runs from 2 April-2 May.

On 9 April 2022, Israeli security forces and Palestinians clashed at a refugee camp in the city of Jenin, located in the West Bank. Israeli security personnel killed a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and injured 13 more Palestinians during an Israeli counterterrorism operation. Israeli authorities suspect the Palestinian was responsible for a deadly shooting in Tel Aviv on 7 April, which resulted in the deaths of three people.