As of the morning of 26 October 2023, more than 100 security personnel remain in pursuit of a gunman who fired indiscriminately at individuals on the evening of 25 October at two locations in the city of Lewiston, Maine, located approximately 30 mi (50 km) southwest of the capital Augusta. A shelter-in-place advisory remains in effect for Lewiston, the nearby towns of Lisbon and Bowdoin, and the surrounding vicinities. Schools in the area remain closed as a safety precaution. The perpetrator, who was last seen armed with a tactical rifle, fired shots on the evening of 25 October at individuals inside a restaurant on Lincoln Street and at patrons at a bowling alley on Mollison Way. At least 18 individuals were killed during the shootings and 13 more were injured. The motive for the shootings remains unclear. The FBI has deployed aerial units as the manhunt continues, and police officers in the neighboring state of New Hampshire have set up roadblocks at the state border to prevent the attacker from fleeing Maine.