At approximately 0220 local time (0720 UTC) on 10 January 2020, several successive explosions occurred inside of a truck in the vicinity of a Colombian air force base in Yopal, the capital of Casanare department (province) — an area rich with oil and emeralds and located approximately 200 km (125 mi) northeast of the capital Bogota. Authorities stated that one person was injured and that nearby buildings and residences sustained damage; officials also ordered residents to take shelter inside their homes following the explosions. According to Colombian Air Force officials, the incident is being investigated as a terrorist attack. President Iván Duque publicly blamed the National Liberation Front (ELN) — a far left guerrilla organization — for the attack.

Analyst Comment: Since a bilateral ceasefire between the ELN and the Colombian government expired in January 2018, ELN attacks against security forces and energy infrastructure targets in rural Colombia have spiked. The ELN is believed to have approximately 2,000 fighters.