As of 28 September 2021, the U.K. continues to struggle with a shortage of petroleum products as long queues of vehicles gather at gas stations for a fifth consecutive day. According to the chairman of the Petrol Retailers Association, as many as 90% of its nearly 5,500 members are experiencing the shortage; the association represents about 65% of all gas stations in the U.K. While the U.K. transport secretary stated that the shortage would begin to ease in the coming days, school buses in London and England’s South East region were canceled on 28 September due to a lack of fuel. In response to the shortage, the government placed military personnel on standby the previous day to prepare for fuel deliveries should that become necessary. Reports indicate that 75 army tanker drivers are currently on standby and 75 others could be placed on reserve in order to alleviate disruptions in fuel deliveries, which have been largely attributed to the ongoing driver shortage exacerbated by panic-buying in recent days.