At approximately 0000 local time on 21 August 2022 (2100 UTC on 20 August), security personnel in the capital Mogadishu ended a 30-hour siege following clashes with al-Shabab militants who had barricaded themselves in a room at the Hayat Hotel. The assailants had detonated two car bombs targeting the gate and front barrier to the hotel the previous day, fired live ammunition at hotel patrons and staff, then took control of the building. Loud explosions and gunfire continued at the hotel during the siege as security personnel attempted to subdue the militants, who held hotel occupants hostage and bombed the hotel stairwell. According to the Ministry of Health, 21 people were killed during the episode and 117 others were injured. At least 15 of those injured victims remain in critical condition. The Somali Police Special Unit rescued 106 individuals from the hotel.