On 21 September 2023, a spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of External Affairs announced the temporary suspension of all categories of visas for Canadian nationals in retaliation for unspecified security threats faced by the Indian High Commission and consulates in Canada. The suspension is effective immediately and until further notice. Travel visas issued to Canadian citizens before 21 September will still be valid. In related news, India’s foreign ministry issued an updated travel advisory for Canada on 20 September, warning Indian nationals to exercise caution while in Canada due to “growing anti-India activities and politically condoned hate crimes and criminal violence in Canada,” according to a ministry spokesperson. Tensions have escalated between the two governments after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused the Indian government of involvement in the June 2022 killing of a Canadian national — a leader of a separatist movement advocating for the establishment of an independent Sikh state in India — in the Canadian city of Surrey.