On 28 April 2021, thousands of people participated in a nationwide strike and staged demonstrations throughout the country to oppose proposed tax reforms outlined by the administration of President Ivan Duque. During demonstrations in the capital Bogota, Medellin and other cities, demonstrators caused significant damage to buildings and other structures, and sporadic clashes occurred between demonstrators and police officers. Individuals looted some stores and businesses in the commercial districts of Bogota and Cali. The demonstrations caused significant traffic disruptions throughout the country, with some cities, such as Bogota and Cali, suspending public transportation services for several hours. The mayors of various cities — including Cali, Medellin and Soacha — imposed overnight curfews and put prohibitions on the sale of alcohol. According to authorities in Bogota, at least 107 people were injured, including 54 police officers and 53 civilians, amid the demonstrations, while 16 metro stations will remain closed on 29 April due to significant damage. The National Unemployment Committee — the organizers of the protests — stated that demonstrations will continue on 29 April and 19 May.