On 15 September 2022, violent demonstrations and looting continued in Haiti — including in the capital Port-au-Prince — amid an announced increase in gas prices. In Port-au-Prince’s southern Delmas neighborhood, demonstrators engaged in looting, set fire to businesses and vehicles, and erected flaming barricades on the streets. Rioters stormed and ransacked the building complex that houses the headquarters of National Television of Haiti, a state-run television station. Additionally, protesters in the affluent Thomasin neighborhood set fire to the residence of a former senator who heads the Fusion of Haitian Social Democrats (FSDH) party.

Meanwhile, in the commune of Gonaïves — located approximately 100 km (60 mi) southwest of Cap-Haitien — the warehouses of the World Food Program and the Catholic charity organization Caritas were looted. Individuals were seen exiting the warehouses with large sacks of rice and other foodstuffs. Witnesses also reported fires at the storage facilities of the non-profit organizations following the looting, though the cause of the blazes is yet to be established. Protesters in Gonaïves set fire to debris, blocking traffic on the streets.

Several foreign missions to Haiti have suspended operations in response to the intensified unrest, including the Canadian, Dominican, French, Spanish and Taiwanese embassies. Other embassies in Port-au-Prince have evacuated their staff members. In response to the unrest, on the evening of 15 September the Haitian National Police suspended all permits for carrying weapons.