On 10 November 2021, widespread protests and traffic disruptions continued during the third consecutive day of a nationwide strike initiated by labor unions to protest new legislation critics claim centralizes power within the ruling Movement for Socialism party. In the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, demonstrators clashed with security personnel and erected barricades on multiple roads. Roadblocks were also reported in the cities of Cobija, Cochabamba, Jarija, and Potosí. Additional protests are planned for 11-12 November, including a 24-hour labor strike set to occur in Sucre, the capital of Chuquisaca department, on 12 November. Strike organizers, who are demanding better government services and oppose the new federal legislation, stated that they plan to block all entries and exits to and from the city and called for government employees to participate in the strike. Additionally, a protest march is expected to begin at 1500 local time (1900 UTC) on 12 November.