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Kidnap, Extortion, Detention, Hijack. 
In the time it takes you to read this, someone will experience one of these events

Protect your off shore projects with Industry Leading Global Political Risk Solutions

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Celebrating 42 Years of excellence 1979 – 2021

Surety Bonds

From construction to manufacturing, from mining to engineering, from infrastructure to civil works, the larger the project, the greater the risks. Which is why contractors are required to provide security to the Principal of a project.

With an established track record of more than 42 years in providing industry leading global Surety solutions, Stening Simpson will quickly assess your Surety requirements so you can confidently bid on the next project and know that you and the project’s Principal are covered.

Political Risk

If your company has assets in emerging economies or are contemplating expansion into these countries, the opportunities for financial gain are virtually endless. Unfortunately, so are the risks. Confiscation, Expropriation, Forced Abandonment, potentially leading to Political upheaval. Rebellion. Insurrections and uprisings, and more, threatening not only your assets but your people.

When it comes to Political Risk insurance, you need the backing of a company that can do more than protect you against financial loss, should the worst happen.

You need a company with experience and resources. You need Stening Simpson, award-winning Specialised Risk Brokers since 1979.

Kidnap, Extortion, Detention, Hijack

Kidnap, Extortion, Detention, Hijack. In the time it takes you to read this, someone, somewhere will experience one of these events.  The world has become an increasingly dangerous place and as your company expands globally your road warriors, overseas employees and corporate assets are increasingly vulnerable. 

Worldwide there are two new kidnappings every hour and extortion threats by terrorists to poison a food or drug product or hackers to destroy key electronic data unless payment is made, are all too common.

Since 1979 Stening Simpson has distinguished itself by delivering superior Specialised Risk solutions to the International business community and are recognised for our in-depth knowledge of Kidnap & Ransom.  The fact that many of our customers have been with the firm for 20 – 30 years, speaks for itself.

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